How do I book a photo shoot?

Just contact me to arrange a time when we are both free. I’m happy to do photoshoots in the week or at the weekend.

Who comes up with the ideas?

Either me, or you, or both of us. The style of the shoot is usually discused by email, phone, or over coffee. If you have an image that you have found on the internet that you like, then send it in and we’ll see if we can do something similar. If you know the basic style of the shoot you are interested in then we can discuss it from there. Otherwise, just leave it to me.

Will you be my wedding photographer?

Hmmm…. probably not; it’s not really my thing. Why not ask Nic Duncan.

How are the photos provided?

The photographs are provided to you electronically in high resolution via a download page on this website. Low resolution versions of the photographs (suitable for online use and emailing) are also provided. Printed photographs can also be provided individually and/or in an album/photobook.

Do I have to sign a release form before the shoot?

Although the shoot is normally arranged by email so all the necessary information is captured, it is good to sign a release form beforehand to make sure everything is understood. I can provide release forms with the necessary details included.

Do you Photoshop the images?

The vast majority of my photographs have some editing. The extent to which i edit a set of photos varies greatly between shoots, but I am always careful that you still look like you! All of the editing is done in Adobe Lightroom or Adobe Photoshop, which is industry-leading software. Editing takes time and therefore I cannot send the photographs from the shoot to you immediately. It can take a number of days to finish the editing work.

When do I pay?

Full payment for photography shoots and any associated services must be made prior to the shoot commencing.

Where are you located?

I shoot at my home studio at Ocean Beach and also on location.

What camera equipment do you use?

I’m shooting with pro-quality Canon digital SLR camera and lenses. I sometimes also use film, and use a Canon SLR and Bronica medium format. In the photo studio I use Elinchrom lights.

How long have you been a photographer for?

I’ve had an interest in photography since I was a kid and got my first camera in my early teens. However, it’s only since digital photography became affordable that I have been really into it. I bought my first digital SLR in 2004 and started studio photography in 2010.