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Myanmar: Myitkyina Hsu Taung Pye Zedidaw

I rented a bicycle from the YMCA so i could get around a little faster. Approximately 15 minutes north is the impressive Hsu Taung Pye Zedidaw (or Sutaung Pyi Pagoda complex). This area is right next to the river and includes a golden pagoda, and a huge standing and reclining Buddhas adjacent to it.

20160325 Myitkyina-9944

Donations are asked for to see the pagoda. It’s not compulsory, but i like to give a little. Around K200 is enough, and it gives you the chance to photograph the man collecting 😉

20160325 Myitkyina-man

It was interesting to see how many young people were hanging out there, and they would nip in for a quick worship before taking photos on their phones and heading on their way.

20160325 Myitkyina-9947

20160325 Myitkyina-9953

Behind the complex, overlooking the river, is a restaurant where local students hang out. If you are visiting this area it’s a great place to stop for something to eat and drink.

Myanmar: Around Tachileik

I really like Tachileik. If you read the guidebooks and online reports, you would believe Tachileik is a town you pass through only through necessity as you enter Myanmar from northern Thailand. However, I could easily have stayed another day. I was going to go directly to Kengtung. However, I missed the last bus that leaves around midday, so i had the afternoon to look around. After checking in a cheap hotel, I visited a few temples and the market. But not before getting something to eat. I found that pointing to a couple of dishes does not mean you will actually get those dishes. As you can see from the photo, you seem to get a little of everything.


I liked this temple – no idea which one it was – because of the crazy lights inside. They were all flashing, so it was pretty disco in there.


The highlight of Tachileik is the Shwe Dagon Pagoda (or Shwedagon Paya Pagoda). I went up there at the end of the day, and ended staying until just after the sun went down. It’s a great little walk up the hill to get there, and the view across the town is well worth it. A lot of locals seem to go there to hang out, and you are greeted with smiles the whole way around. As i was sitting in one place for a while to take photos, a few folk came over to say hello and have a conversation. After leaving i went into one of the little food places at the foot of the hill, and was warmly welcomed. How people can say this town is not friendly is a mystery to me.

Below are a few photos of the pagoda. I’m hoping to please Uncle Paul by posting some photos in colour today.

Tachileik Pagoda-

Tachileik Pagoda-8793

Tachileik Pagoda-8811

As the day ended, i was using longer shutter speeds to correctly expose the pagoda. I’ve got quite a few capturing movement. It was hard to choose which one to post, but decided on this one as I like it how many feet are showing. The last photo on this page was a 20 second exposure as night fell. The man in the bottom left sat perfectly still, so it looks like the image was taken with a fast shutter speed.

Tachileik Pagoda-8814

Tachileik Pagoda-8822

Tachileik Pagoda-8828

Southern Laos: Wat Phou

The bus arrived in Pakse and we jumped onto a Songthew to Champasak. We checked into a grubby guesthouse and took a stroll around town. The ‘town’ consists of just a few streets and the pace is slow. The local petrol station was open but with the exception of a handful of guesthouses and associated restaurants that was about it. The immense Mekong River alongside the town, making it a wonderfully restful place to stop for a while.


We took an early night as we wanted to catch dawn at Wat Phou, a ruined Khmer temple complex just a short distance away. The sunrise was at the ridiculously early time of 5:30am but it was worth it. I’ve got to dig out some of the colour shots when i have a big more time.