Myanmar: Trekking around Kyaingtung (Day III) [Lahu Shi, Village II]

We entered a second Lahu Shi village soon after leaving the first. It was very quiet as most of the adults were working in the fields. We were welcomed into a hut, where a couple of older villagers were at home to look after children. The hut soon started to fill up, and we apologised that we had no gifts, explaining we had not planned to stop here.

We decided to try to entertain the children for a while. My guide played a cartoon on his phone, which had then all crowding to see. I decided to show them how to use my small camera. One or two of the kids were too shy to take it from me, but once we got going there was a lot of fun. One of the funnier moments was when we were taking photos of each other at the same time (see last photo below). It great when you can manage to connect with people where language and culture are different.

The photos below this text show a one of the older villagers, and of course some of those wonderful kids. I did not photograph the young girls as they were too shy. However, they are included in one snap that I took as they watched the cartoon on my guide’s phone (first photograph).

  1. Not the best photograph, but it’s the only one i have that has all the children in it. It also shows my guide, Sai Zawm Wan, showing a cartoon on his phone.

lahu shi tribe trekking-0528

2. An old man who wandered into the hut to see who the visitors were.

lahu shi tribe trekking-9265

3 and 4. A couple of the children who came in to see us.

lahu shi tribe trekking-9269

lahu shi tribe trekking-9271

5. The young lad took the camera and the others all watched. Good fun for all!

lahu shi

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  1. Paul Taylor

    What a splendid picture of the old man! You are developing quite a volume there.

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