Myanmar: Trekking Around Kyaingtung (Day 2) [Eng Village]

Setting off around 8am from Kengtung, we made our way out of the city and up, up, up into the mountains. We used our special ‘hybrid’ trekking method, which was sharing a motorbike for the easier bits, with me walking up the steep or difficult sections. The shot below shows my guide waiting for me at the top of a slope as i make my way up to jump on the back and continue the journey. Without using the motorbike on the mountain paths, it would have been difficult to reach our destination and return to Kengtung before nightfall, and the Myanmar government does not allow foreigners to stay overnight on the mountain.

eng village kentung trekking-0440

Arriving at the Eng village, we were welcomed by a few of the men who were busy repairing the structure that runs water through the centre of the village. The structure is used to supply their drinking water and also has spiritual meaning when someone dies.

It’s always a dilemma knowing what to take as gifts. Quite often the guides recommend to take biscuits for the children. However, biscuits are loaded with sugar and the kids in the villages don’t have toothbrushes. We decided to take a big box of noodles. We also brought some mosquito coils.

Kyaingtung Eng-9006

Kyaingtung Eng-9008

Kyaingtung Eng-9009

Kyaingtung Eng-9010

Kyaingtung Eng-9011

My guide had visited this village a few months ago with his father to sell them a cow, so they knew him and greeted us warmly. We made our way to the chief’s house to talk. The noodles we brought were cooked up to feed the children and some of the adults. We had brought some lunch with us, which we also shared with some of the Eng.

Kyaingtung Eng-9016

Kyaingtung Eng-9027   Kyaingtung Eng-9042

Kyaingtung Eng-9047

Kyaingtung Eng-9048

Kyaingtung Eng-9052

Kyaingtung Eng-9069

The photo below shows the inside of the house, which is a single room where everyone sleeps. The large drum has spiritual meaning, and i was warned not to touch it, although they were fine for me to take a photograph.

Kyaingtung Eng-9075

Kyaingtung Eng-9076

Kyaingtung Eng-9080

Kyaingtung Eng-9086

Kyaingtung Eng-9087

Kyaingtung Eng-9091

Kyaingtung Eng-9096

Before leaving the chief’s house, i bought a skirt from one the lady in the picture below.

Kyaingtung Eng-9037

Kyaingtung Eng-9039

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