Myanmar: Trekking around Kyaingtong (Day 1 part I)

I thought it would be a good day, and it was!

After meeting my guide we set off on my rented scooter, with him driving and me on the back. You don’t have to drive too far to get to the most accessible villages. We started off at Wan Nyin village, in the Pathein township, which is where Sai Zawm Wan (my guide) lives. Parking the scooter at his parent’s house, we visited the monastry, which is where the kids are taught due to lack of government schools. Prior to handing out some gifts of books and pencils, I had a go at being teacher for a while but I’m not sure i’m suited to it 🙂  I’ll upload some video at a later date.


Next stop was the Wan Garn Village, where they make rice wine. I was impressed with the rice wine production line, which is a valuable source of income to the village. The rice wine is exported to China. I had my little compact to take the photos below.



A short scooter ride later and we were at the start of the trek. Tourism is growing in Myanmar and, even though Kengtung is not on the main tourist trail, some of the hilltribe groups are slowly changing. This is apparent here, where the Akha ladies have started selling handicrafts to tourists. I read someone moaning about this on a website recently, but considering the poverty in the hilltribes I am more than happy to put a small amount of money into their hands. It was here we left the scooter and set out on our short trek (next post).


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  1. Paul Taylor

    Rice wine! Have heard of it but the thought does not appeal. People sell artefacts of various sorts to tourists virtually anywhere you go in the world. Whatever could be wrong about Akha women doing the same thing I wonder.

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