Myanmar: Recommended Guide for Trekking around Kengtung

I have had a fantastic time visiting various villages around Kengtung. I will add photos and story to another post, but for now will post the contact details of my guide. I would like to recommend him for a number of reasons.

  • He is a great motorbike driver, which is very reassuring when you are on the back
  • He speaks the languages of the various ethnic groups we visited
  • Great knowledge
  • Fun personality, so plenty of conversation in the villages we visited

If you would like to book a guide for trekking around Kengtung then just get in touch with Sai Zawn Wan… or Some One 😉

Name: Sai Zawm Wan
Nickname: Some One
Phone: +95 (0)9254100579
Line ID: 09254100579
Facebook Seem Hug

A couple of photos of Sai Zawm Wan below. The first is visiting an Eng village, we both tried betel for the first time. The Eng love it, but i think it’s safe to say for both of us, our first time is also the last time.  The second photo shows us taking a small break from driving the tracks between villages. We took a big box of noodles for the kids (and some of the adults), which seemed to be well appreciated.

recommended guide

kengtung guide

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