Myanmar: The YMCA [Myitkyina]

For a budget traveller who is not fussy then the YMCA is a good choice, but it’s certainly not for everyone.  I arrived before dawn and had no booking, but someone was kind enough to let me check in.

  • The rooms are clean enough
  • You can rent a bicycle from them
  • The staff are lovely
  • They can arrange motorbike hire (very expensive at K40,000 per day)
  • It’s cheap!

I took a US$10 room with shared bathroom.  Note that the YMCA does not have hot water bathrooms, but toilets are western style.

As well as providing simple but affordable rooms for travellers, the YMCA plays an active role in community development. Myitkyina’s YMCA provides the chance to meet everyday people working to make communities stronger. When you stay there, you can smile as your money spent goes towards furthering a worthy cause.

The YMCA also has tourist information on what areas are accessible – see below – and also provide a map, which is handy to find your way around town on the first day – click the thumbnail for the large version.

20160324 YMCA info-0755

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