Myanmar: Myitkyina Hsu Taung Pye Zedidaw

I rented a bicycle from the YMCA so i could get around a little faster. Approximately 15 minutes north is the impressive Hsu Taung Pye Zedidaw (or Sutaung Pyi Pagoda complex). This area is right next to the river and includes a golden pagoda, and a huge standing and reclining Buddhas adjacent to it.

20160325 Myitkyina-9944

Donations are asked for to see the pagoda. It’s not compulsory, but i like to give a little. Around K200 is enough, and it gives you the chance to photograph the man collecting 😉

20160325 Myitkyina-man

It was interesting to see how many young people were hanging out there, and they would nip in for a quick worship before taking photos on their phones and heading on their way.

20160325 Myitkyina-9947

20160325 Myitkyina-9953

Behind the complex, overlooking the river, is a restaurant where local students hang out. If you are visiting this area it’s a great place to stop for something to eat and drink.

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  1. Paul Taylor

    It takes me less than 15 minutes to get saddle sore on a bike. However, if I were to be lucky enough to visit Myanmar, I think I might suffer that, if only to photograph the cash collector, although I would love to see the rest also.

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