Myanmar: Around Tachileik

I really like Tachileik. If you read the guidebooks and online reports, you would believe Tachileik is a town you pass through only through necessity as you enter Myanmar from northern Thailand. However, I could easily have stayed another day. I was going to go directly to Kengtung. However, I missed the last bus that leaves around midday, so i had the afternoon to look around. After checking in a cheap hotel, I visited a few temples and the market. But not before getting something to eat. I found that pointing to a couple of dishes does not mean you will actually get those dishes. As you can see from the photo, you seem to get a little of everything.


I liked this temple – no idea which one it was – because of the crazy lights inside. They were all flashing, so it was pretty disco in there.


The highlight of Tachileik is the Shwe Dagon Pagoda (or Shwedagon Paya Pagoda). I went up there at the end of the day, and ended staying until just after the sun went down. It’s a great little walk up the hill to get there, and the view across the town is well worth it. A lot of locals seem to go there to hang out, and you are greeted with smiles the whole way around. As i was sitting in one place for a while to take photos, a few folk came over to say hello and have a conversation. After leaving i went into one of the little food places at the foot of the hill, and was warmly welcomed. How people can say this town is not friendly is a mystery to me.

Below are a few photos of the pagoda. I’m hoping to please Uncle Paul by posting some photos in colour today.

Tachileik Pagoda-

Tachileik Pagoda-8793

Tachileik Pagoda-8811

As the day ended, i was using longer shutter speeds to correctly expose the pagoda. I’ve got quite a few capturing movement. It was hard to choose which one to post, but decided on this one as I like it how many feet are showing. The last photo on this page was a 20 second exposure as night fell. The man in the bottom left sat perfectly still, so it looks like the image was taken with a fast shutter speed.

Tachileik Pagoda-8814

Tachileik Pagoda-8822

Tachileik Pagoda-8828


  1. Albert M

    Hi Pete, great pics of Myanmar stirring feelings of my heritage in that country.

  2. Paul Taylor

    Well done on the addition of a few coloured images. That being said I have to confess that the final monochrome image is the one that most does it for me. Still, keep trying to please, Peter, when it appropriate, of course.

  3. Maxine Caron

    We’re not all camera enthusiasts – I just love all the pickies!

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