Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur): The Start of our Holiday, and Deepavali

Leaving the Perhentians for the monsoon break, we took the overnight train from Wakaf Bharu (Kota Bharu) to Kuala Lumpur. We bagged a private cabin for two rather than travel in the ‘dormitory’ sleeper cars, which are always noisy. After a season on the islands it is always nice to have some quiet time before we catch up with friends in KL.


We arrived in Kuala Lumpur in time for Deepavali at Batu Caves.  Well worth getting out of bed early for, although don’t arrive too early like we did – there was no-one there and we had to wait around for things to get going.



I got a lot of flak on a photography forum for this photograph of a beggar, with some people saying i was exploiting the beggar’s situation by taking his photo.  I disagree: I benefited as meeting him gave me a photograph that i think depicts his tragic state, and the beggar benefited financially as i gave him some money when i thanked him. It’s a tough world; I’ve got an expensive camera, he’s got nothing, and that is pretty crap. But whining at me isn’t going to change the situation, at least he is a couple of dollars better off than before i met him.

Below are a couple of random pics, including two people who don’t know each other and never will, and Jesus protecting us whilst driving at night in KC’s car.

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