Indonesia: Various shots around Jakarta (Canon A1 and Kodak Ektar 100)

I am getting such a kick going back to film. It’s tempting to edit the scans in Photoshop when i see something that can be improved, but if you’re going to do that you may as well shoot digital. One of the things i am really enjoying with emulsion is the challenge to get it right in-camera and not ‘rescue’ images with editing software.

First is a shot out of my hotel window on the 28th floor, looking down at the evening traffic.


The following images were taken over the two days I spent in Jakarta.  I was primarily shooting digital (see preceding posts) so i only got through two films.  But as my confidence grows with the Canon A1 i think i’ll be using it more when i visit again in October and will need to start packing more Ektar. The shots immediately below were taken as i walked the streets of North Jakarta on the Saturday morning.





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The shots below were taken on the Sunday morning as i traipsed the streets. I was trying to find a market that i had read about, which sold unusual produce (to western eyes) such as snakes and birds.  I didn’t find the market i was looking for, but had a good time trying.




Eventually I did find a market, although not the one i was looking for.  I was invited to drink coffee with some locals, and had a bit of a laugh with them. They thought it was very funny to have a bule sitting with with them as they took a break from their stalls.  I was given some unusual food to try; I’m not sure what any of it was but it was very nice.

Take a look at the last photograph, the one of the biggest pile of fireworks i have ever seen.  Can you spot the hazard? 😉



Indonesia: Jakarta Bikes [Canon A1 and Kodak Ektar 100]

I’ve just got my films developed and this is my favourite shot from the ones taken in Jakarta. Shot on a Canon A1 at 50mm. Gotta love Kodak Ektar 100.

Jakarta is an amazing place to take your camera to; some really interesting sights, and people that don’t mind – or even encourage – being photographed.

I’ll be adding some more later today.


Indonesia: Old Man Repairing a Clock, Jakarta

I like to buy a little tourist tat when i visit a place, and Surabaya, Cikini is the place to find it in Jakarta.  After getting pleasantly lost for a couple of hours in the afternoon, I managed to find the place. There is a nice long line of stalls selling antiques (made to order) and other assorted junk with dubious claims of origin and age.  I spotted this man repairing a clock, and managed to grab a couple of shots.  He was working where the sunlight was entering the room, and i knew it would be perfect for a photo.

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