Australia: Denmark to Byron Bay | Through the Middle via ‘the Outback Way’

It’s been a while since i took a holiday. In less than three weeks I’ll be setting off from Denmark (WA) to visit the folks in Byron Bay (NSW). I’m travelling ‘The Outback Way‘ aka Australia’s longest shortcut. Google maps tells me the journey is 5,556 km, not including any detours. I’ll be travelling unsealed outback roads (such as the Great Central Road), some dirt tracks, and probably a dry riverbed or two. There is plenty to see along the way, including the Olgas, King’s Canyon, Uluru, and numerous gorges and national parks.

The Landcruiser is in good shape and ready to go. I’m now busy sorting out camping gear, recovery gear, maps/apps, communications devices, and permits to access aboriginal land.

I’m not sure how long it’ll take, but i’m guessing it’ll be just under three weeks. And then I’ve got to drive back again.

Australia: Birds n Frogs


A couple of shots from the garden. A Sacred Kingfisher (Todiramphus sanctus) that is a seasonal visitor, and a small Motorbike Frog (Litoria moorei) hanging out in a vegetable bed.

These were from a roll of Kodak Ektar 100 that was over a year out of date. It’s possible the colours have shifted slightly as a result.



It’s worth having a listen to the Motorbike Frog’s call if you’ve not heard it before:

Australia: Various shots from the Garden

A few shots from the garden here in Denmark, Western Australia, including of the Sacred Kingfisher that visits each year. Oh, and one of a Sooty Oystercatcher from the foreshore.







Australia: Rainbow Bee-eater

At this time of year the rainbow bee-eaters migrate southwards. A few pairs take temporary residence in the Canning River Regional Park, which is at the bottom of my road. I took my camera down there yesterday in the hope of seeing them and was lucky enough to catch one on a low branch. I could watch these birds for hours. They are amazing in flight, and also make lovely chirrup sounds to each other, which is very cute.