Australia: Denmark to Byron Bay | Through the Middle via ‘the Outback Way’

It’s been a while since i took a holiday. In less than three weeks I’ll be setting off from Denmark (WA) to visit the folks in Byron Bay (NSW). I’m travelling ‘The Outback Way‘ aka Australia’s longest shortcut. Google maps tells me the journey is 5,556 km, not including any detours. I’ll be travelling unsealed outback roads (such as the Great Central Road), some dirt tracks, and probably a dry riverbed or two. There is plenty to see along the way, including the Olgas, King’s Canyon, Uluru, and numerous gorges and national parks.

The Landcruiser is in good shape and ready to go. I’m now busy sorting out camping gear, recovery gear, maps/apps, communications devices, and permits to access aboriginal land.

I’m not sure how long it’ll take, but i’m guessing it’ll be just under three weeks. And then I’ve got to drive back again.


  1. Gareth Smith

    Looks like you’re facing a really great journey, Pete. Will you follow the same route back?

  2. carono (Post author)

    I’m not sure Gareth… will have to see how long it takes…

  3. Nic

    Looking forward to the photos 🙂

  4. cathy

    permits to enter aboriginal lands sounds very exciting. Will be following the blog xx

  5. Paul Taylor

    Your last reference to this journey had you returning on a southern loop through/south of the Nullabor desert. On a journey like that you may be tripping over numbats everywhere – won’t Anke be envious?

  6. Al Shemamal

    You really should go via the Kimberleys

  7. carono (Post author)

    I probably should 😉

  8. carono (Post author)

    Not sure which way i’m coming back Paul. I’ve done that southern loop before, and it might be the way if i’m running out of time. The is also a nice little route here, but it would take while….

  9. Claudia

    yeah, looks like a lot of adventueres!

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